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“Use Zip Tops to take your healthy snacks on your next adventure”

On the Go Healthy Snacks for Summer Activities

School is over and summer is finally here. Which means the months ahead will be full of road trips, vacations, outings to the park or beach, and lots of other exciting activities. While you’re having fun in the sun, don’t forget to pack healthy snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy and hydrated. Here are a few of our favorite summer snacks that not only taste great, but also have tons of health benefits. 


Hey, they may not win any popularity contests (especially with picky kids), but peas are a powerhouse food. They’re an excellent source of protein and fiber — which means they’re pretty filling — and they can also aid digestion. If you want to try something different, roast peas for a crunchy texture and extra flavor. 

Reusable silicone bag with edamame + model holding next to legs in kayak



If you haven’t tried chickpeas, you’re missing out. Due to their versatility, they’re a great addition to any recipe. Put them into wraps. Throw them in a salad. Add them in a curry. One of the most popular ways to eat chickpeas is by making hummus, but you can also eat them as is. Whatever your preference, chickpeas offer lots of fiber, potassium, and iron that promote heart health. They can also help you control your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, and boost your mental health. 


Oranges are not only a refreshingly cool summer snack, but they’re also water-rich — helping you stay hydrated. They’re also packed with Vitamin C (eating just one meets your daily Vitamin C requirement), which supports healthy bones and muscles, and boosts your immune system. Beyond the benefits, they’re a crowd pleaser that everyone will want a slice of. 

Reusable silicone bags with oranges and with pretzel balls + models sharing at picnic bench



Want to beat the heat? Pack up some cold apple slices for a satisfying treat. If you need more reasons to eat apples, we’ve got a few: they can benefit heart health, lower cholesterol, and lower risk of diabetes as well as certain kinds of cancers.

Protein Balls

One of the best snacks of all-time (in our opinion), protein balls are both delicious and healthy. Protein can prevent cravings, help build muscle, boost metabolism, and lower blood pressure. There are an infinite number of protein ball recipes out there, so find one that suits your tastes and make a bunch to share — or keep them all for yourself… we won’t tell. 

Whatever snacks you choose, Zip Top containers make them convenient to take with you. Just pick Zip Tops that work best for your outing, fill them with some tasty treats, and zip it shut for on-the-go convenience.

Made from 100% silicone, they’re easy for little (and big) hands to grip. The silicone also makes them waterproof, so they’re perfect for the beach or being out on the lake. 

No matter where your adventures take you this summer, Zip Top is here to make life easier.