The Gift for Everyone – Zip Top

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“The gifts we love most are personal, practical AND sustainable”

The Gift for Everyone

We like gifts over here at ZipTop. They’re fun to give and fun to receive. We are always on the lookout for thoughtful ideas and gifting never gets old. Why wait for special occasions?

The gifts we love most are personal, practical AND sustainable — and ZipTop containers fit the bill!

For the friend who is always on the go: 

hiker with Zip Top snack bag

For the friend with little kids:

and for the friend who spends her life on planes:

Zip Top containers in luggage

For the DIYer

Zip Top in toolbox 

for the one who loves to gift cookies

woman making cookies with Zip Top

and for the friend who loves a tidy home 

Drawer full of nested Zip Tops

For the friend who has a new baby

Zip Top breast milk bag set in foreground, mom and baby in background

and for the cook who shares leftovers with you

woman seated eating a meal from Zip Top dish

ZipTops show up for us again and again.  

And can we talk a little about the gift we give to the planet when we replace all the plastic baggies we’d otherwise use with ZipTops? ZipTops replace thousands of single-use baggies and that’s just good for everybody.