Frequently Asked Questions

Zip Top construction

Why platinum silicone?

Why is Zip Top better for your health?

Why is Zip Top better for the environment?

Are Zip Top containers recyclable?

Where are Zip Top containers made?

Using Zip Top containers

Is Zip Top safe to cook with?

Is Zip Top freezer safe?

Is Zip Top dishwasher safe?

Can I microwave in Zip Top containers

Will Zip Top stain?

Are Zip Top containers air-tight?

Are Zip Top containers leak-proof?

Can I use Zip Top containers to take soup and other liquids in my lunch box or backpack?

Will sealed Zip Top containers spill if they are knocked over?

Can I sous vide in Zip Top containers?

Ordering, Shipping, Returns

When will website pre-orders start shipping?

Why should I pre-order instead of waiting until Zip Top is shipping?

Where do you ship?

What is your return policy?

How are international taxes and duties collected?

I already paid for shipping, why am I being charged Duties and Taxes?

Buying from other retailers

I missed the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Can I still get the pricing?

What retailers will sell Zip Top?

I'm seeing suspicious sites advertising your products. Are they your company?

Are you selling on Amazon?


I'm a retailer, can I sell Zip Top in my store?

I'm a blogger, can I get a sample to review?

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