Zip Top Kitchen Hacks

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“Zip Tops are great for every day kitchen tasks”

Zip Top Kitchen Hacks

Zip Top’s reusable silicone containers are great for food storage.

Whether you're using them to store leftovers, freezing meals for later, or packing snacks on the go, Zip Top is perfect. 

But did you know that Zip Top containers are good for more than just food storage?

Check out these nine kitchen hacks for other ways to use Zip Top containers in your everyday life. 

Blend Smoothies

Freeze your favorite smoothie ingredients overnight in a Large Zip Top cup. In the morning add your favorite liquid and blend using your immersion blender. It’s a simple way to blender your morning smoothie! Zip around your reusable straw to hold it in place to take it on the go!

Blending smoothie with immersion blender in reusable silicone container

Burrito Holder

Use your Zip Top cup to store and keep your burrito together while keeping your hands clean.

Burrito in Zip Top reusable silicone container

Cheese Holder

Easily grip that block of cheese while grating it and store it perfectly when done.

Grating cheese and storing in Zip Top reusable silicone container


Mixing Container

Quickly whip up fresh whipping cream to add to your favorite dessert! Then store the rest for later.

Mixing whipping cream in a Zip Top reusable silicone container


Keep Veggies Fresh

Keep your veggies fresher, longer by storing them in Zip Top’s reusable silicone containers.

Putting celery in Zip Top reusable silicone container


Garlic Peeler

Tired of smelly hands after peeling garlic? Zip Top cups make it so you can quickly and effortlessly peel garlic hands free. 

Peeling garlic in Zip Top reusable silicone container


Hot Pad

Short on hot pads? Zip Top sandwich bags are the perfect shape and heat resistant. 

Putting hot pan on Zip Top reusable silicone container


Unscrew Tight Lids

Finding it difficult to unscrew tight lids? Zip Top’s silicone containers are perfect for helping you grip those lids tighter so you can get them off easier.

Opening jar with Zip Top reusable silicone snack bag


Make Popcorn

Love popcorn, but don’t want to pop a whole bag? Here’s a simple recipe to make your own. 


1 Tbsp popcorn kernels
1 tsp olive oil or coconut oil
Salt to flavor


Add kernels, oil, and salt to a Large Zip Top cup.

Zip shut and shake to coat the kernels.

Slightly open to vent.

Microwave on high for 1 minute 30 seconds, or until you don’t hear popping.


Popping popcorn in a Zip Top reusable silicone cup