Made in the USA – Zip Top

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“Being Made in the USA was always a dream.”

Made in the USA

We are very proud that all Zip Top products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

When founder, Rebecca Finell, set out on a mission to provide an alternative to single-use plastics, quality and safety were her top priorities. She started with the goal to use 100% pure platinum silicone and not only manufacture, but also source the raw material right here in the USA. 

Being Made in the USA was always a dream of hers and with Zip Top, after 2+ years of designing, testing and engineering, that became a reality. Zip Top takes pride in being the only silicone food container made in the USA as more and more manufacturers look to foreign countries for their extreme reduction in labor costs and quality. 

Did you know? 

In 1990, 50% of clothing was made in the USA whereas only 3% is in 2020 (according to the United States Bureau of Labor).

We want to continually contribute to the American economy and are excited to be a small part of the great legacy of American innovation. Zip Top containers have won numerous international innovation and design awards since our launch. We use 100% pure platinum silicone in a single piece construction - no glue, no seams, and best of all no fillers! Zip Top is the first container in the world that stands up, stays open and zips shut with several patents across the globe. 

Zip Top is staying true to our mission to provide a safe alternative to single-use plastics and we are proud to be able to export quality, American-made goods worldwide.