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“Customize your trail mix with these quick recipes”

How to Make Your Own Trail Mix

Trail mix is a classic snack for any outdoor adventure.

While you could buy your trail mix at the store, you’re at the mercy of whatever ingredients the brand decides to include. Instead, why not create your own trail mix at home? Not only do you get to customize your mix, but it’s also cheaper. As an added bonus, it’s super simple to make. 

Bowl full of trail mix ingredients next to small reusable silicone cups with trail mix ready to be filled

Whether you’re looking to enjoy something sweet, savory, or even spicy, Zip Top containers make it easy to store and mix whatever you’re craving. Here are a few delicious recipes you can try out yourself. We didn’t provide any measurements — that way you can add as much or as little of each ingredient as you’d like. Just store each individual ingredient in your Zip Top containers and when you’re ready to make your trail mix, add the ingredients to a large Zip Top dish. Then just zip shut and take on the go. 

Gif making trail mix adding it to reusable silicone cup

Tropical Trail Mix


banana chips, coarsely chopped
dried mango, coarsely chopped
roasted cashews
roasted, salted almonds
coconut chips

Sweet and Salty Trail Mix


white chocolate chips
milk chocolate chips
peanut butter baking chips
dried cranberries
roasted, salted cashews
dry roasted peanuts

Small reusable teal cup with trail mix

Neither of these recipes appeal to you? That’s the great thing about trail mix — you can use any ingredients you want to create a combination you love. Here are some other ingredients you can mix and match to create your very own trail mix. 

miniature M&M's®
Reese's® pieces
vanilla yogurt raisins
cocoa-roasted almonds
shelled sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
dried pineapple
rice Chex® cereal
dried cherries
golden raisins
chocolate-covered pretzels
mini peanut butter cups
chocolate-covered pretzels
chocolate chunks

Small reusable silicone cups with trail mix on counter overhead