Halloween Chocolate Mendiants – Zip Top

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“Our Chef Elise has created these amazing Chocolate Mendiants for your Halloween fun! ”

Halloween Chocolate Mendiants

Halloween might look a bit different this year, but it should still be fun.

Our Chef Elise has created these amazing Chocolate Mendiants for your Halloween fun! Check out the video below.


Chocolate Base*


1 (6oz) bittersweet chocolate bar
1 (6oz) semi-sweet chocolate bar
1 (6oz) dark chocolate bar

    *For vegan mendiants, use vegan chocolate bars  


    Break up or chop the entirety of each bar, into bite-sized pieces. If using chocolate chips, measure out 3/4 c of each. Next, line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a reusable baking mat. Set aside.  

    Fill a medium saucepan 1/2 of the way full with water. Bring the pot to a boil. Once rapidly boiling, remove from heat. Next, place a medium bowl over the top of the simmering pot, creating a pseudo double-boiler. Drop in the chocolate and melt it down until smooth, using a rubber spatula to stir the chocolate. This process should take about  5-7 minutes. Carefully remove from heat. Then, using a tablespoon or Zip Top container, dollop a small circle onto the prepared sheet. Flavor and decorating variations below.

    Lemon Berry Almond  


    1/2 c freeze dried raspberries (ground)  
    2 tsp of lemon zest  
    1 tbsp slivered almonds  
    1-2 tsp dried verbena leaves  


      In a mortar and pastelor using a clean, heavy-bottom object—crush the raspberries into a fine powder. Next, use the rind peeler to create small curls or zester and gather zest. Set aside.  

      Atop of each mendiant place a dusting of the raspberry powder, a couple of lemon curls, a few almonds slivers and finish with a sprinkle of the dried lemon verbena.  

      Lemon Berry Almond Chocolate Mendiants

      Spooky Ooky S’more 


      2 tbsp graham crackers (crushed)  
      1/2 c mini marshmallows  


        Take 1 cookie rectangle and crush into crumbles, using your hands. Cover half of the mendiant with the graham cracker crumbles. Then, place 1-3 mini marshmallows atop  each mendiant.  

        **Note: Level up this variation by placing the mini marshmallows on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then, on LOW broil, place them into the oven for 15-30 seconds. The marshmallows will be lightly toasted. Allow them to cool and place atop the mendiant.  

        Caramel Spiders  


        24-96 mini pretzel pieces  
        1/2 c caramel pieces  
        1 tbsp milk  
        12-30 dried cranberries  


          Break off the top two rounds of the pretzel, repeat this to the desired quantity. After the mendiants have been placed, allow them to set for 5 minutes before adding the pretzel pieces (“spider legs”).  

          Place the caramels and milk into a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds, if the caramels are melted, use a fork or whisk to mix until smooth. If the caramels need to be heated further, place back in the microwave for 15 second intervals until fully melted. Allow the caramels to cool for 1 minute. While the caramels are cooling, place the curved pieces of pretzel on both sides of each mendiant to make the “legs”. Next, use a fork or whisk and drizzle the caramel around and atop the mendiants to create the “web”. Finish with the dried cranberries for the “cranberry creepy eyes”.  

          Caramel Spider Chocolate Mendiants

          Vegan Coco Berry Granola “Bats”  


          2-3 strawberries  
          1/8 tsp vegan coconut yogurt  
          1/4 c vegan granola of choice  


            Rinse well and pat the strawberries dry. Next, cut the strawberries in half and thinly slice the halves. To create the wings, place 2 slices of strawberries on either side of each mendiant.  

            Mix the coconut yogurt until smooth. Make 2 dollops in the bottom portion of the mendiant (about 1/8 tsp). Using a toothpick, pull the yogurt dollop to form a “fang” in the chocolate. Lastly, crumble the granola into small clumps for the "bat eyes".  

            Place in the refrigerator to set and harden for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Serve and enjoy!

            Halloween Chocolate Mendiants in Zip Top