Going Green 101: Being Eco-Friendly with Zip Top

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“Going green doesn't have to be hard”

Going Green 101: Being Eco-Friendly with Zip Top

We all know it is important to take care of ourselves - our minds, our bodies, our spirits - and taking care of our planet is just as important. 

Over the past several years, you’ve probably heard more and more people talking about being more eco-friendly and living a more sustainable life. What exactly does that mean?

Eco-friendly means “not harmful to the environment”. (Source)

Sustainability, according to McGill University, means “... meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (Source)

In other words, in order to take better care of the environment, we need to do more on our part to “go green” and find better, safer alternatives for taking care of our planet. 

Here are 8 simple things you can do to go green.

Plant a garden. It doesn’t need to be anything big and fancy. Start small. One tomato plant, one cucumber plant, a strawberry plant. Grow foods that you use on a regular basis. Herbs, like basil, are a great thing to add to your garden - and you can’t beat the fresh taste. 

Hand holding a Zip Top silicone cup filled with basil

Use energy efficient light bulbs. Switch out the old incandescent light bulbs in your home for more energy efficient ones. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s also better for your wallet. (Source)

Reduce your plastic usage. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. Use Zip Top to reduce the amount of plastic you use every year. Try packing your lunches and snacks using Zip Tops. They’re perfect for on-the-go.

Girls eating snacks out of Zip Top silicone cups

Composting. Use your food and yard waste to create nutrient dense soil for your plants and garden. You can even create your own compost bin. (Source)

Buy local. Produce and other foods that are transported via trucks to grocery stores contribute to the carbon footprint. Buy local to reduce your carbon footprint and it’s a great way to support local farmers. (Source)

Opt for paperless billing. We live in a digital world, which makes it very simple to pay all your bills online. Save on paper bills and checks. 

Travel. When travelling, whether by plane or car, opt for a reusable bag, like Zip Tops, to pack your snacks and other travel size items.

Zip Top silicone container filled with travel essentials in suitcase

Resources to check out for more ideas to go green. There are so many ways to go green and a lot of resources to help you out. Check out some of these great resources for more ideas.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, pick one and go from there. Good luck! You can do it!