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“Earth-friendly swaps you can make into your daily routines this Earth Month”

Earth-friendly swaps to help reduce single-use plastic waste

Did you know that globally, we produce 380 million tons of plastic each year and 90.9% ends up in landfills – or even the ocean? 

Zip Top containers can help reduce plastic waste by offering easier to use containers that are better for our planet. Our patented one-piece construction design makes it highly durable and infinitely reusable, making it a great alternative to any plastic containers or disposable bags.

With April being Earth Month, we wanted to share simple earth-friendly swaps you can make into your daily routines to reduce single-use plastic, plus show how you can get more use out of your Zip Tops outside of your kitchen!

linen closet organized with Zip Top containers

Reusable cotton pads or makeup remover cloths are eco-friendly and more affordable when you consider how many uses you can get out of them! These pads easily fit in our short cup, which makes it easy and convenient to travel with as well as keeping your belongings organized in your home. 


Lavender Zip Top snack bag filled with stainless steel utensil set and silicone straw

Another great way to reduce single-use plastics is with reusable utensils. Grab a set from your home, or you can invest in a stainless steel or bamboo set. Bonus points: you can add your favorite silicone straw and use a Zip Top snack bag to store them, which will make it convenient for your next meal on the go.


a luggage bag with a teal sandwich set filled with toiletries and small jewerly.

When traveling, consider switching out any disposable plastic bags with Zip Tops to store your toiletries and small belongings. The benefit of this is that if anything spills during transport, our containers can be easily washed for future use!


a lavender Zip Top dish storing a bamboo toothbrush, floss and mouth wash tablets

Switching out the personal care products you use is yet another easy way to reduce single-use plastics. There’s plenty of plastic-free products out there –from bamboo toothbrush to biodegradable floss– and easily available at most grocery stores. Pro-tip: you can keep your personal care products in Zip Tops (such as the medium dish pictured above) to keep your drawers organized. If you’re traveling, our containers will also double as a travel pouch.


a bathroom shelf shows a frost Zip Top dish holding a razor, bar soap and a natural fiber washcloth

Similarly, your shower products have eco-friendly alternatives available. Instead of liquid bath soap that comes into a single-use plastic bottle, we recommend using bar soap. Plastic bath sponges and disposable razors, can be swapped for loofahs and all-metal razors, and all can be kept organized with your favorite Zip Top container.


 a kitchen counter featuring two Zip Top containers filled with dishwasher pods and reusable dish towels

When it comes to kitchen cleaning products, Swedish dishcloths (made with renewable and natural fibers) air-dry quicker than traditional dish sponges, plus they double as a paper towel replacement. Pro-tip: Use Zip Tops to keep your dishcloths and dishwasher pods organized under the sink! Because our containers are see-through, they’ll make it easier to keep track of when you’re in need to refill your cleaning supplies.


two avocado halves being stored in two different ways: one with plastic wrap and the other with a frost Zip Top cup.

Lastly, another great way to think about reducing waste is when it comes to storing your food so that it keeps fresh and reduces food waste. Did you know that you can keep certain fruits such as avocados and lemons submerged in a large Zip Top cup full of water in the fridge, so they keep fresh longer? Our containers will also keep cut veggies and fruits fresh and therefore replace any plastic wrap –next time you need to store your avocado half, place it in a Zip Top to keep it from browning too fast. 


We hope these tips will inspire you to make small changes in your daily routines this Earth Month! To help you make the switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, we’re offering 20% off on all our products. Simply use the code PLASTICFREE at checkout. But hurry, offer ends at 11:59PM CDT on Sunday, April 24, 2022.