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“Zip Top containers are made in the USA and we’re proud to call Austin home.”

Austin and Zip Top

Zip Top containers are made in the USA and we’re proud to call Austin home.

Year after year, Austin appears in the Top 10 lists of US cities to live in--and it’s no surprise. Its abundant parks and trails encourage a healthy lifestyle year-round. Austin’s nightlife has just as much to offer with its vibrant music scene and an array of food trucks and restaurants to fill any craving. (Hello, tacos!)

Zip Top containers are perfect for Austinites on-the-go. Made of eco-friendly platinum silicone, they’re food-safe, durable and endlessly reusable. We’ll take them on the trail to keep snacks safe and dry. They are also the best taco transporter ever! When our dishes are zipped up, they’ll hold tacos together- like when you hold them in your hand! So they stay upright and pinched at the top! 

But with a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, Zip Tops can be used for more than just food. Right now, they are our go-to containers for carrying sanitizing wipes or for taking sunscreen to the farmers’ market. When festival season starts up again, we’ll use them as clear clutches to hold makeup and bug spray!

With Zip Top containers, the possibilities are endless!