Reseller Brand Protection Policy – Zip Top


Reseller Brand Protection Policy

Zip Top, Inc. ("Zip Top") hereby adopts this Reseller Brand Protection Policy (“Policy”) in order to protect its trademarks, service marks, certification marks, logos, and copyrighted material and prevent consumer confusion. Zip Top requires that each person or entity (a “Reseller”) that purchases Zip Top products (the “Products”) for resale or other distribution to agree to comply with this Policy. Reseller may use Zip Top trademarks (but not logos or taglines) to identify Zip Top products, services, and programs on packaging, promotional, and advertising materials, provided Reseller complies with the following guidelines:

  1. General Trademark Guidelines
    1. Reseller may not include any Zip Top trademark in its company name, product or service name, or domain name.
    2. Unless Reseller is licensed by Zip Top under a licensing agreement, Reseller will not use Zip Top logos.
    3. Reseller’s company or product name may not be confusingly similar to any Zip Top trademark and Reseller may not use Zip Top trademarks in any manner that directly or indirectly implies Zip Top sponsorship, affiliation, certification, approval, or endorsement of Reseller or its products.
    4. Reseller may not shorten, abbreviate, or modify any Zip Top trademark.
    5. Reseller should include the following trademark attribution statement when it uses Zip Top trademarks: “[List of marks used] are trademarks of Zip Top.”
    6. Reseller shall sell Products in their original packaging and may not remove or modify any labels, specifications, images, advertising and/or any other content related to the Products.
  2. No Resale on Online Marketplaces. Reseller may not advertise or sell the Products on any third-party online marketplace or to any distributors or resellers for further sale or distribution on any third-party online marketplace unless explicit authorization is provided by Zip Top.
  3. Reseller’s Company Brand. Resellers may use the Zip Top name, or any factual phrase, to describe their business, as in for example: "We sell Zip Top products," provided that the statement is true. Reseller must lead with its own company brand and cannot lead with the Zip Top name. Reseller is not permitted to use the Zip Top name in a manner that would lead consumers to believe that Reseller has an association or affiliation with Zip Top that does not exist.
  4. Compliance with Zip Top’s Policies. Reseller is required to comply with Zip Top’s Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (“MAP”) Policy.
  5. Copyrights. Use of Zip Top’s copyrighted material is strictly prohibited without prior approval from Zip Top. Such materials include, but are not limited to, content and text displayed on Zip Top’s website, mobile applications, or other documentation, photographs, diagrams, videos, images, and sound clips. If authorized, Reseller’s use of Zip Top’s copyrighted material must be accompanied by Zip Top’s copyright notice.

This Policy is incorporated into any contract entered between Zip Top and Reseller with respect to Reseller’s purchase or sale of the Products. Zip Top may amend this Policy at any time. Zip Top reserves the right to prohibit any use of its trademarks that Zip Top, in its sole discretion, deems unlawful or improper, even if such use is not expressly prohibited hereunder.